Russians lead international autonomous driving efforts

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Cognitive Technologies, a Russian software developer, is now leading a working group set up by IBM, Google, Nvidia, Tyan and Mellanox (all members of the international OpenPower Foundation consortium) to develop driverless vehicles, portal reported.

Their pilot autonomous vehicle will reportedly be powered by IBM’s Power chip. IBM believes that with Cognitive Technologies joining the OpenPower Foundation the members of the consortium will be able to pool efforts in developing more advanced artificial intelligence systems. The consortium is also purportedly keen on benefitting from Cognitive Technologies’ experience in creating all-terrain autonomous driving solutions.

The consortium members may expect to work together to adopt a unified standard for software to be used in driverless vehicles. Their joint product will be licensed, thus opening Cognitive Technologies all doors to the global market.

Albert Efimov of the Robotics Center at the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia believes driverless vehicles will hit the Moscow roads seven-to-ten years from now. It’s the Vienna Convention that supports autonomous driving enthusiasts, as it stipulates that man is not absolutely required to sit behind the steering wheel but is rather expected to be able to stop the vehicle at any moment.

Last year Cognitive Technologies came up with Russia’s first artificial intelligence for autonomous driving, test-run on a KamAZ truck. It’s now being further tested on the premises of the KamAZ auto maker in Tatarstan, in Russia’s mid-Volga area.