Russia unveils first road signs for driverless vehicles

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Cognitive Technologies, the developer of Russia’s first driverless truck, unveiled new road signs indicating unmanned vehicles.

In 2018 road signs for driverless vehicles will appear on certain roads in Moscow, the Moscow Region and Tatarstan. According to Cognitive Technologies, which commissioned the signs, the paper work with design layouts was sent for approval to the Interior Ministry.

The signs were developed by the Russian design studio, Art Lebedev. A variety of options were offered, from a friendly driverless car with a smile, to a car without a windshield (“no pilot, no collision”).

The three new road signs have the following meanings: “Attention, driverless vehicles in the area;” “Beginning of a road with driverless vehicles;” and “End of a road with driverless vehicles.”

The new road signs are expected to be approved soon, and will be operational by 2020 after coordination with the State Traffic Inspectorate. Cognitive Technologies said driverless vehicles will appear before then as full-fledged traffic features on Russian roads.